Material Handling

Powering Productivity with fuel cells for Electric Lift Trucks
For lower total cost of ownership

Large manufacturing, warehousing and distribution facilities depend on their lift truck fleets to keep operations going two or three shifts a day. In these multi-shift operations, 80-90% of the total cost of ownership (TCO) of the lift trucks typically comes from operator labour. So it pays to reduce refueling times and keep operators productive.

With Hydrogenics’ HyPX™ Power Packs, you have a clean fuel cell power solution for material handling units that can be refueled with hydrogen and be back out on the floor in just 3 minutes. All without handling, swapping and charging lead-acid battery packs.

As well, the maintenance, handling and disposal issues associated with batteries are also eliminated. In fact, by using hydrogen powered forklifts you eliminate the need for battery rooms altogether, freeing up square footage and manpower for revenue generating activities.


  • Emissions of nothing but warm water vapour, a critical factor when the operations’ products or processes are sensitive to contamination.
  • Delivering more consistent voltage than conventional battery packs, leading to lower powertrain maintenance costs.


  • HyPX™ 1-27 for class 1 counterbalanced trucks
  • HyPX™ 1-33 for class 1 counterbalanced trucks
  • HyPX™ 2-21 for class 2 reach trucks