Our Company

Founded in 1998, Netsphere Solution Limited has become one of the worldwide major suppliers of high quality Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems. With over a decade of experience and expertise in providing with quality UPS products and power solutions as well as related services to our business partners and end customers, we have mastered and are equipped with the necessary skills and experience to provide the best power solution service and the reliable network platform to ensure business operations in highest level of safety, efficiency and availability for our customers.

A consecutive growth over the years has proven our expertise and dedication. We are constantly and closely working with innovative business partners to broaden our expertise so as to achieve our mission in serving our customers better and to provide with comprehensive products in the competitive global marketplace. Powering in Green is a clear trend for the future, not only our fuel cell power solution is a perfect alternative for your power protection, but also it is truly environmental-friendly.

As a service provider in power solution with clean energy, power management and Data Center IT infrastructure in APAC market, we have sales offices and technical support teams strategically located in Hong Kong, Macao, China, Thailand as well as partners in the rest of Asia Pacific regions.