Smart Grid and Hydrogen Generation

HySTAT™ Electrolysis Systems:
Saving for a rainy (or calm) day
Smart grid connections are changing the energy distribution paradigm.

Forward thinking organizations, such as industrial users and hydrogen fueling station owners, are forging ahead toward a carbon-neutral future and tapping energy policy incentives designed to make the shift away from fossil fuels economically feasible.

However, the intermittent nature of wind and sunlight as alternative energy sources increases the need for local grid flexibility. A Hydrogenics HySTAT™ Electrolysis System provides a flexible and responsive controllable load for distribution across a grid. It can provide this service of matching the intermittent ups and downs of solar and wind while generating hydrogen for transportation and industrial uses.

For example, if you are an industrial hydrogen user and operate where there are demand response incentives, you can participate in these programs with a Hydrogenics HySTAT™ electrolysis system, without interrupting your industrial process.

In both renewable and industrial scenarios, we can help reduce your total cost of ownership with smart grid services.

Contact us for technical information and specifications for a HySTAT™ Electrolysis System for industrial, wind and solar installations.

If you are an industrial user of hydrogen, or an owner of a hydrogen fueling station, in an area where there are demand response or ancillary service incentives, contact us for perspective on the total cost of ownership for a Hydrogenics Electrolysis System accessing grid services.