DatacenterDynamics Converged Singapore 2013


The DatacenterDynamics Converged Singapore 2013 will be taking place on October 24th,2013 in Singapore, which is specifically designed to fill the knowledge and networking needs for both those responsible for the design, build an operation of IT facilities as well as key IT decision makers responsible for strategic decisions regarding capacity planning and technology investment. DatacenterDynamics is recognized as the most established source of data centre networking, learning and media in the world. With 13 years of expertise in data centre publication and an unparalleled track record in producing successful data centre conferences in 60 major worldwide cities.

South East Asia’s economies have continued to boom over the past year based on a surge in both domestic demand and foreign investment. This growth is founded on significant growth in digital participation by individuals, business and Government. Because of rising prosperity and demand for cutting-edge technology, Jakarta, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore are spending more and more on IT. To keep up with the pace of demand, local and global businesses have been investing heavily in IT.

As usual; The DatacenterDynamics Converged will follow its hallmark multi-track conference agenda so that you can take part in the conference sessions most directly relevant to your role and requirements. No matter what your role is in the data center value chain, you will benefit from the insight obtained from industry-leading practitioners, their case studies and technical papers on how to optimize internal and external IT requirements from a facility, IT, and business perspective. Come and visit to obtain the most updated information, share the knowledge and also welcome to visit our booth in this coming October.

We look forward to welcoming you at DatacenterDynamics Converged Singapore 2013 as together we chart a future path for the industry inSouth East Asia.

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