Fuel Cell Application at NTT

A New Tier 4 Ready Data Center – NTT Communication Hong Kong Financial Data Center (FDCTM) has established on 31st May,2013, where is located in Tseung Kwan O, providing 30,000 m² area. Upon full completion, the FDC™ complex will be composed of two data centre towers and one command and control tower, with a total gross floor area of over 70,000 m², over 6,000 racks of server space and a total of 100 MVA utility power.

Congratulations to FDCTM on her grand opening of the New Financial Data Center. Netsphere provided and successfully installed the DC system & Fuel Cell products for this new FDC project. Netsphere showed its team-work spirit and professions for the installation and T&C during the project period of October 2012 till March 2013,  DC systems in Data Center Tower and Hydrogen Fuel Cell system in Command and Control Tower were successfully installed.

The Hydrogen Fuel Cell system is a clean energy which is an environmental-friendly system to convert the hydrogen gas into electricity power in higher efficiency through the fuel cell membrane. Hydrogen is the simplest and lightest element with colourless, odourless, tasteless and highly flammable gas substance. Hydrogen is widely be used for industrial fields and is also used to generate power directly within the fuel cells. The Advantages of using hydrogen are ZERO pollutant emissions, low noise and low vibration in operation, etc. The only by-product is water.