Hydrogen Generators

Hydrogen Generators
With a thousand hydrogen projects around the world and 60 years of experience in the field, Hydrogenics is a world-leading supplier of water
Industrial Electrolysers
Reasons to switch to on site hydrogen production Hydrogenics offers advanced hydrogen solutions for a wide range of industrial applications
HySTAT A – Alkaline Electrolyser
Hydrogenics’ HySTAT™ A Hydrogen Stations are based on our own proprietary IMET™ technology. By using a pressurized alkaline electrolysis
HyLYZER PEM Electrolyser
HyLYZER™ on site generation products incorporate our proprietary proton exchange membrane (PEM) stack technology.
Hydrogen Fueling Stations
HySTAT™ Electrolysers are providing fuel to transit companies, fleet operators, energy companies, demonstrators and merchant gas companies