Industrial Electrolysers

Industrial Hydrogen:
Reasons to switch to on site hydrogen production
Hydrogenics offers advanced hydrogen solutions for a wide range of industrial applications such as:

  • Float glass plants
  • Steel production
  • Electronics (semiconductor, photovoltaic cells, optics)
  • Generator cooling
  • Hydrogenation of fats and oils

Owning a Hydrogenics HySTAT™ Electrolyser offers operational advantages:

  • On site, on demand and secure source
  • High purity hydrogen gas
  • 10 or 25 bar pressure (without a compressor)
  • Automated, reliable and low maintenance system

The HySTAT™ system is state-of-the-art technology that meets international safety and technical standards:

  • HySTAT™ A Electrolysers use alkaline electrolysis to generate hydrogen gas
  • HySTAT™ P Electrolysers use proton exchange membrane (PEM) electrolysis to generate hydrogen gas

A HySTAT™ system can be easily integrated into your process, including compression and storage vessels, and into other applications, such as backup power systems.

Our 60-year history with hydrogen installations will help you successfully shift to more advanced, cost effective technologies and alternative energy sources.