Pica8 P-3295

Pica8 P-3295

Pica8 switches incorporate PicOS™, an open network OS that runs standard-based Layer 2/Layer 3 protocols with Industry-leading OpenFlow / Open-vSwitch integration. PicOS utilizes proven high performance hardware with a maximum switching fabric capacity 176 Gbps for 1 GbE and 1.28 Tbps for 10 GbE platforms.


P-3295 Technical Specifications

Product Snapshot
Base Unit 48-ports 10/100/1000BASE-T
Switching Capacity 176 Gbps
Packet Forwarding Rate 132 Mpps
Topology Open Flow

P-3295 Features

  • Support the L2/L3 mode and Open vSwitch mode which can protect the client easily migration from the traditional platform to next generation – big data advent
  • Dual hot-swap power supply
  • First open switch for open networks leveraging hardware-agnostic operating system
  • Fully non-blocking fabric with ultra-low latency

P-3295 Documentation