E Series DX

E Series DX UPS ( 1kVA-20kVA )

The affordable E Series DX UPS double-conversion online UPS protects mission-critical applications from downtime, data loss and corruption. The double-conversion architecture incorporates rectifier and inverter stages to completely isolate the output power from all input anomalies. By adapting to a wide range of input voltages, the E Series DX avoids battery usage during minor power fluctuations, saving its capacity for times when utility power is completely lost.


E Series DX UPS – Technical Specifications

Product Snapshot
Power Rating 1kVA ~ 20kVA
Voltage 220~240 VAC
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Configuration Tower

E Series DX UPS – Features

  • Online double-conversion topology assures maximum reliability
  • Wide input voltage range appropriate for the harshest electrical environments
  • Standard models for fixed run-time performance
  • Tested for generator compatibility
  • Automatic bypass for fault tolerance
  • Optional SNMP communications provide remote network-based monitoring
  • XL models for customized, long run time applications, with fast recharging
  • Cold start-on-battery power allows portable power
  • WINPOWER software monitors power conditions
  • Intuitive front-panel user interface for consistent status indication

E Series DX UPS – Options

USB/RS232 card
  • The USB/RS232 card allow the user multi-control the UPS through the USB port or RS232
  • 1 x USB & 1 x RS232 interface
CMC card
  • CMC card (Central Monitor Card) provides an easy and simple way to achieve remote monitoring and controlling of all the UPS at the same time.
  • Provides the standard RS232, RS485 signal & pair of RJ45 interface
WebPower card
  • WebPower Web/SNMP card is use for UPS monitoring and management, it can get hold of the status from and issue commands to the UPS. User can use SNMP managers or Web browser to manage the UPS through an Ethernet. The bundle software contains support for virtually all operating systems to peacefully shut down the computers over the network.
  • 1 x RJ45 & EMD sensor interface
AS400 Card
  • The AS400 card provides dry-contact closure signal “OPEN” or “CLOSE”. It is applicable to the UPS with availability of Intelligent Slot. All online UPS has been equipped with Intelligent Slot.
  • 1 x DB9 interface
EMD sensor
  • The sensor for monitor the site temperature & humidity
  • 1 x RJ45 interface & 2 x dry contact signal

E Series DX UPS - Network Management Software
Eaton’s WinPower software enables you to : (WinPower free download)

  • Remote control 1,000 computer at the network or Ethernet
  • User can setup how long of the backup time
  • Automatic shutdown or start up computer
  • Battery performance test and self test by schedule
  • Schedule management Shutdown or startup the UPS
  • Record the history and event of UPS Status
  • Through the e-mail / fax / BB call / SMS inform of the UPS status
  • Support Windows, Linux, UNIX, Solaris, Mac, HP-UX, AIX

E Series DX UPS –  Service  & Support

Duration of warranty 2/3 yrs
Comprehensive coverage of the UPS and standard batteries
8×5 Standard Warranty
24×7 Customer Reliability Center triage and support O
24×7 Telephone Technical support access O
Connectivity support


* √ = Standard Included, O = Optional